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  • Classic Ray Sunglasses - ShadesOnParty
  • Classic Ray Sunglasses - ShadesOnParty
  • Classic Ray Sunglasses - ShadesOnParty
  • Classic Ray Sunglasses - ShadesOnParty
  • Classic Ray Sunglasses - ShadesOnParty
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Classic Ray

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Clubmaster Sunglasses

The Classic Rays men's club master sunglasses are a perfect combination of classic design and functionality. You can get the iconic style, feel, and look that everyone craves with these Clubmaster shades.

clubmaster sunglasses

These retro-style glasses are popular among Hollywood superstars and cultural intellectuals alike. Pick up a fresh new style without breaking the bank! Apart from being fashionable and affordable, these sunglasses are super comfortable as well. Hence, why you're able to keep them on throughout the day. 

Why Clubmaster classic sunglasses?

Durable AF

These men's Clubmaster sunglasses provide 100% UV protection to your eyes at all times. You can wear them when you go out and you will know that your little eyeballs are protected! Along with the polarized lenses, the durable acetate frame allows you to have fun and not have to worry about losing or breaking them. Even though they are super durable construction, they are also crazy lightweight. This further contributes towards the enhanced vibe levels that these funky vintage-style sunglasses can provide. 

Sexy Design 

The curvature and shape in Clubmaster classic glasses deliver the perfect combo of vintage and party - a perfect fit at all times. 

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The design of these frames is all-time. You can wear them for any casual, or festive event that you attend. The future-proof design of the sunglasses will also ensure that the sunglasses will never go out of style. Spending a bit of money to purchase these sunglasses will be one of the best investments that you can do towards ensuring a stylish future.

Customize the design according to your preferences

If you decide to purchase these Mens Clubmaster sunglasses, you have the chance to customize your look and feel for the ultimate chiller vibe! With multiple colors for you to pick from, all you have to do is to go through the different options and select the colors that best match your preferences and tastes. Add a bit of extra flavor, and make it a Shades On Party!

Gift Options Available

These men's Clubmaster Sunglasses are the perfect gift option as well. If you are looking for a unique, stylish, and affordable gift, which you can give to someone you love, then you have found the right product. These club master shades will be a perfect gift!

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Party Hard Warranty 

In order to combat accidentally breaking or losing your sunglasses, we have introduced our Party Hard Warranty. We understand that things happen! We are confident that the sunglasses will last for several years, even if you use them daily. This warranty is included (for free) with every purchase.

If you have any questions about the Clubmaster sunglasses before you buy, hit us up! We would love to hear your thoughts. 

These Classic Ray’s men’s Clubmaster sunglasses are intricately designed to exude confidence and style. It is designed in a retro-style manner that provides a cultural and intellectual look.

Highly durable, these Clubmaster sunglasses are designed to ensure your eyes are protected from the harsh glare of the sun at all times, all the while looking chic. You don’t have to worry about accidentally crushing them as the polarized lens, and the acetate frame provides a super sturdy fashion item.

The Clubmaster has achieved a sexy and timeless look with these sunglasses. The shape and style are perfect for casual or festive events, sure to make you stand out whenever, wherever.

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Items with an "add to cart" button will ship same-day from our 🇺🇸 USA Warehouse! Pre-Order Items will be fulfilled within 2 weeks.

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