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The Style of Tony Stark Glasses 

Matching the iconic style of Tonk Stark's Sunglasses is no easy task. We have scoured the internet to find the exact shades he wears in his various movies. Our design team took the Iron Man films, Avengers, and the new Spiderman movie into account when making this collection. 

The iconic hero himself directly influenced the style of these sunglasses throughout his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Tony Stark sunglasses from Iron Man 2 are now one of the most iconic styles of sunglasses in cinema. 

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Spiderman Sunglasses 

Spiderman Glasses have been a hit since Peter gained access to the incredible pair of Edith Sunglasses from Tony Stark in Far From Home. The retro aviator style, mixed with that goggle look complements almost any outfit. Who better to show them off but billionaire, genius, philanthropist Tony Stark. Well, in this case it is more about how Peter Parker wears them. Be sure and check out the alternate colors we offer! 

Edith Glasses (Spiderman Movie)

Peter Wearing Tony Starks Glasses Spiderman

In Spiderman Far From Home we learn more about one of the many secret projects that Tony Stark worked on before his fateful passing in Avengers End Game. Passed along to young Peter Parker the spider man far from home glasses quickly turned out be way more important to the overall narrative.

After realizing that the tony stark sunglasses were equipped with an extremely advanced AI system named Edith, Peter Parker quickly takes advantage of their extreme power by targeting his classmates. 

Shortly after, when meeting with Quintin Beck aka Mysterio, Spiderman gives away the sunglasses prompting the viewer to realize that Beck had setup the entire scene as an illusion to gain control of the stark Edith sunglasses. 

The Far From Home glasses play a large role in how the entire movie revolves around this pair of sunglasses. From the creator Tony Start himself who crafted this modern day god like control device, still had to make sure to fit it inside a stylish pair of frames. 

Get a pair of the Edith Starks today. 

Top Tony Stark Sunglasses Picks

By Far our favorite style of Tony Stark Glasses has to be the Leopard Frame Brown Lens All Starks. This pair of sunglasses hands down one of the best we have ever sold! It has all the right Stark Style but gives you a completely unique look never seen on Tony himself!

Of course you can go with the staple Black Frame and Red Lens combo that Tony wears in the iron man movies but we think giving it your own twist is better! 

For the Edith Glasses we really like the blue frame variation, it really grabs your attention and shows you aren't afraid to add a little flare to your own getup.