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Best Men’s Sunglasses

Regardless of the season, one of the best ways to take your style to the next level is through accessories – especially sunglasses. While a signature pair of pants or shirt will undoubtedly create a great first impression, accessories like sunglasses can be worn on many occasions to improve your look regardless of the situation. In addition to this, they offer crucial eye protection from UV rays which will make your vision last longer!

Throughout time, there have been countless popular sunglass styles which makes it hard for many men to choose a look that best suits them. From daring festival looks to understated sunglasses styles, the modern marketplace has a wide variety of options available. has options for every men’s sunglasses style. We combine a high-quality product with an affordable price to make our sunglasses the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 


Aviator sunglasses began as a practical solution to the bright reflections experienced by pilots in the second world war, but have since evolved into an iconic look and staple piece of many great wardrobes.

Recognizable because of the large, dark curved lenses which can sometimes be reflective, Aviator shades are a great choice both in terms of style and sun protection. 

This style of sunglasses experienced popularity in the 1950s, 70s, and 80s, and have been worn by celebrities from Michael Jackson to Tom Cruise. Since their inception, Aviator sunglasses have continued to be one of the most iconic sunglasses looks available. 

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Round sunglasses are most often characterized by a thin wire frame and slender round lenses. Originally popularized in the 1960s by John Lennon, many variations arose throughout the years including ones featuring colored lenses, large and small sizes, and exaggerated earpieces.

Many iconic celebrities have continued the legacy of round sunglasses, from Mick Jagger to Ozzy Osbourne. Shades On Party carries four varieties of round sunglasses, including signature looks from Quavo and 2 Chainz. 


If you are unsure of which sunglass style best suits your aesthetic, Shades On Party has just the solution for you! The “Classics” tab features a mixture of the site’s most iconic, classic looks. From contemporary options like Quavo’s glasses to understated options like the Cubmaster, this tab likely has an option to suit you.

If you are interested in a look that will catch people’s eye, the Classics sunglasses collection offers multiple options for you: Bad and Boujee’s Quavo Glasses, Super Roll’s Vintage Metal Sunglasses, and Master Classic’s Gold Aviators. Circular frames and colorful lenses paired with noticeable frame designs make these sunglasses great for festivals, parties, or just a selfie on Instagram. These sunglasses are sure to get you compliments and take your outfit to the next level!

While noticeable sunglasses are great on occasion, many people are looking for a more understated day-to-day look that will not necessarily catch people’s eye. The Classics tab appeals to this audience as well, with timeless styles such as the Classic Ray’s Clubmaster and the Wayfarer.

These glasses will certainly get the job done in protecting your eyes from the sun. Additionally, they can serve as the perfect accent piece in professional settings or casual days on the beach. 

Finally, the Classic tab on Shades On Party offers three more men’s sunglasses options designed for an audience in between the timeless and contemporary. Vintage Rectangle, Round Geometric, and Retro Clipper’s are all suited towards people who desire a noticeable accessory to protect their eyes and accent their outfit, but who do not want to stick out from the crowd. 

Up Your Game

Regardless of your style, aesthetic, or sunglasses preferences, Shades On Party has the sunglasses for you. From noticeable festival looks to understated and timeless classics, from sports styles to flashy spectacle, this site offers a pair of sunglasses which can perfectly match your particular need. Additionally, every pair of sunglasses features multiple colors and lenses options to match the exact outfit you have in mind!

Every pair of Shades On Party sunglasses is crafted with care and quality in mind in order to satisfy you, the customer. Free shipping is offered for domestic customers, paired with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are happy with the product. Warranties are included by default.

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