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Want The Best Costume Glasses?

We know your going to party for Halloween this year, why not stand out with a costume all your own?  With our wide selection of Costume Sunglasses you are sure to find the right pair for your outfit, without breaking the bank.

Costume Party Sunglasses - The All Starks

Don't have a costume yet?

No worries, we can help you pick one! Find a pair of shades you like, everything in this collection is related to a character, or potential costume of some kind!

Want to be Hunter Stockton Thompson father of gonzo journalism and author of the best selling book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? We've got The Hunting Thompsons that will polish off the costume perfectly. 

How about posing as one of Hip-Hops latest stars from Migos? Pickup a pair of The Bad and Boujee's Sunglasses and strut your stuff like your Quavo, Offset, or TakeOff. Better yet grab a pair of The Cooper Captains for a Wiz Khalifa costume.

So you like Iron Man Do you? We have two Stark themed costume glasses that are perfect for completing the look.  Scope out The All Starks and The Edith Starks.

Think you can pull off a Kurt Cobain getup? You'll definitely need the Culture Clouts for a 100% accurate costume. 

Why Buy Costume Sunglasses from Us?

Normal costume glasses are made with extremely cheap materials, and are really only meant for one night... With our sunglasses you can have the best of both worlds. You get a Quality pair of glasses at an Affordable price. Our glasses are constructed with composite or metal frames and hinges, not the cheap plastic you'll see the competition use. 

Sometimes when you buy a Halloween costume that has glasses you cant even see through them! It's like they were purely made for novelty, but not with our glasses. Our shades are made to be worn and feature UV400 lenses with anti-scratch lens coating.

In addition to being affordable and stylish, our glasses are also comfortable! Which means a lot if you'll be hitting the dance floor or wearing them for a long period of time. You cant go wrong with ShadesOnParty's Costume Glasses. Our production standards ensure your pair of shades will last, and We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee to boot!

Pickup your pair today!