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Summer Sport's (5 Colors)
  • Summer Sport's (5 Colors)
  • Summer Sport's (5 Colors)
  • Summer Sport's (5 Colors)
  • Summer Sport's (5 Colors)
  • Summer Sport's (5 Colors)
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Summer Sport's (5 Colors)

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2020 Wayfarer Sunglasses 

With a fully updated look, the Wayfarer Sunglasses are perfect for any outdoorsy activity.  They are designed to ensure that you look chic at all times.

ShadesOnParty Wayfarer Sunglasses Detail

These Wayfarer sunglasses are made with TR90 Nylon, which provides these sunglasses with its highly flexible, lightweight, and strong frame. One cool thing about these sunglasses is that, with its TR90 Nylon, the edges are highly durable and can be bent into just about any shape you can think of.

With the unique and thoughtful thermoplastic materials that went into the making of these sunglasses, they provide an almost invisible feel while wearing them. With all the special materials that went into the making of the Wayfarer Sunglasses, it is incredibly comfortable to wear as it perfectly frames your face.

Ultra Durable Design

Made with TR90 Nylon, these polarized wayfarer sunglasses have an incredibly strong, lightweight and flexible frame. This makes them nearly indestructible because they are able to be contorted into pretty much any shape. The unique weight qualities of the thermoplastic material used in these sunglasses give them an almost invisible feel when wearing them.

durable Sunglasses polarized

Super Comfortable

Another benefit that these sport sunglasses get from being made out of TR90 is that they are very comfortable to wear. These wayfarer sunglasses will perfectly fit and contour your face because they are so flexible pliable. 

Wayfarer Sunglasses Black Frame detail

Sunglasses for any Sport

With a lightweight build, ultra durable frame and polarized lenses, these Wayfarer Sunglasses are perfect to be worn during outdoor activities. Don't worry about losing them because of their flexible design that will ensure they stay strapped to your head!

Black Frame Gray Lens Wayfarer Sunglasses Detail

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