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Classic Sunglasses

Fashion trends come and go, but classic styles always look great! 

Likewise, classic sunglasses are meant to stay forever. They have stuck around for so long because they are versatile and add an element of sophistication to any outfit. 

While it can be fun to experiment with trends like heart-shaped frames or oversized sunglasses, will you prefer wearing them in five to ten years? No, I guess! 

However, classic sunglasses tend to accentuate your face shape, can be styled with casual or party outfits, and never go out of fashion. These understated sunglasses are endlessly adaptable and the perfect accessory to express your unique style.

Classic shades come in a wide range of shapes and styles, including geometric, rectangular, wayfarer, aviators, and more. No matter which classic style you choose, they will take your look a notch up if styled perfectly. 

Besides, these shades allow you to cut a dash on every occasion. Whether you go to a music festival or a rave party, they will complete your outfit for all the events. Thus, you can steal the show wherever you go wearing classic sunglasses. 

Shades On Party believe that classic sunglasses can be worn at any time by anyone. They're timeless and dependable! The shades from our classic collection will help you to dress up to the nines without looking flashy.

As a general rule, you must always consider your face shape before grabbing a new pair of sunglasses. For instance, square-shaped faces will look best with aviators or any frame with oval or round lenses. Likewise, the angles of heart-shaped faces will be enhanced by both wayfarers and aviators. Round faces, on the other hand, should consider opting for clubmaster or rectangular shades to accentuate their features.