Wiz Khalifa - Still Wiz (Official Music Video) Sunglasses

 Wiz Khalifa's sunglasses in Still Wiz music video

Wiz Khalifa, always in a funky pair of sunglasses has been on a serious run of releasing new music videos for many of his latest hits, including Still Wiz. 

Wiz Khalifa Still Wiz Sunglasses

One of the interesting things about most of Wiz Khalifa's music videos is how he wears different, unique pairs of sunglasses throughout the video. 

From round lens shades with metal frames to the classic Kurt Cobain style sunglasses, Wiz has worn them all. 

Wiz Khalifa Rectangle Sunglasses

In his latest video Still Wiz, he selects a brand new style of chunky rectangle shades featuring a dual color frame. 

Check out these awesome new shades here!

"They like ooh, they watchin' how I move"

Sunglasses in the official music video for Still Wiz by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Sunglasses from the music video Still Wiz

Wiz Khalifa wearing white and black frame sunglasses

Ty Dolla $ign wearing the Lucy Cruiser's Sunglasses (1:04, 2:17)

Ty Dolla $ign Sunglasses with Wiz Khalifa

Model wearing the Sugar Hill's (0:57)

woman wearing sunglasses wiz khalifa
Wiz Khalifa hip hop dancers wearing sunglasses

Models in green body suits wearing the Bag Slapper's  (2:10)

Rap Music Video Models wearing sunglasses
woman wearing sunglasses wiz khalifa

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