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Sunglasses Spotted: Ty Dolla Sign - Pineapple feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo

If you've checked out the Ty Dolla $ign video "Pineapple" feat. Gucci Mane & Quavo, you're probably going through some serious sunglasses envy right now. Chic shades are a given when it comes to the stars of this video. We're big fans of the classic Quavo glasses with their steampunk style, but the Ty Dolla Sign sunglasses in "Pineapple" make us want to spend every day on the beach.

Summer = Gucci Mane Glasses

Gucci Mane Sunglasses

Clubmasters always look amazing, but those Gucci Mane glasses look even better against the beachy backdrop of this video. Pick up your own (much more affordable) pair of our version, The Shot Callers. Grab a tropical drink and a comfy lounge chair, and make this your most stylish summer ever.

Ty Dolla Sign Sunglasses for the Masses

Ty Dolla Sign Sunglasses

Want a more colorful look to fit the summer vibe? Try our take on the Ty Dolla Sign sunglasses from the video in your favorite shade -- even if you don't have his accessories budget. The Letterman's come in six colors with black or brown lenses. If you want something more geometric than the rectangle-shaped Ty Dolla Sign sunglasses from the video, check out The Butterfly Rockers. These attention-getting shades will look as good on you as they do on your favorite hip hop artist. Get next-level style, comfort and full sun protection with these lightweight glasses.

Those Pineapple Keyshia Ka'oir Sunglasses

Speaking of stylish "Pineapple" shades, have you seen the Keyshia Ka'oir sunglasses Gucci Mane bought his super-glam girlfriend? Ka'oir headed to Instagram to show off her pineapple-topped gold acetate Gucci glasses -- and, of course, thank her fiance for the $1300 gift.

Quavo Eyeglasses - Round Lenses for the Win

Quavo Sunglasses

Quavo knows round lenses work for him. Take a cue from the Migos member's use of round frames for pretty much every occasion. Whether he's rocking a steampunk look or a bigger frame, he opts for round shades that flatter his face shape. We love the way Quavo glasses are always true to his unique style and help him look his best.

Whether you're a fan of Quavo eyeglasses or want to rock the Gucci Mane glasses look from the "Pineapple" video, Shades on Party can help you achieve your fashion goals. Not only do we have budget-friendly versions of haute couture shades like the Ty Dolla Sign Sunglasses from his video, but our glasses are lightweight, durable, comfortable and ready to fend off those UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Who knows; you might be inspired to make your own video at the beach!

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