Top 3 Festival Sunglass Styles

Festival style is all about self-expression! Boho-chic, French-girl cool, a 90s alt-rock vibe -- whatever you're feeling, this is the time and place to try it out.
Whether you're taking in local bands or gearing up for festivals halfway around the world, the right shades can take your festival look to the next level.
From aviator styles to steampunk sunglasses, these accessories are perfect for both blocking the sun and getting noticed while your favorite bands play to massive crowds. 

Aviator Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses in that familiar aviator shape are a reflection of your great taste!
If this classic sunglass style works for musician, models and other celebs, why not make it part of your festival gear? Our aviators are even better than vintage sunglasses, thanks to their UV protection and polarized lenses.
Add a little glitz to any outfit while protecting your eyes from the sun with face-framing aviator sunglasses.

Wayfarer Style

You've found just the right clothes for this year's festivals, so don't settle for boring, cheap sunglasses from the drugstore. Your festival style deserves more, so grab a pair of these eye-catching classics and accessorize away!
This is a timeless look for a reason; it's flattering on pretty much everyone -- and about as cool as it gets. James Dean rocked the Wayfarer look in the fifties, and style icons like Debbie Harry and Anna Wintour have kept it alive right up to the present. 

Steampunk Sunglasses

Stand out from the crowd while rocking the metallic frames everyone's in love with now. Whether you're going full-on steampunk or want to add a little something to a simple t-shirt and jeans or shorts, skip the vintage sunglasses and pick out a pair of steampunk sunglasses instead.
The unique frame design and round lens shape are all about attention to detail. But it isn't just their time-bending style that makes them a great alternative to old-school thrift-store shades; they have a practical side, too. Scratch-resistant polycarbonate and UV ray-blocking lenses make these sunglasses an ideal choice for jam-packed, sun-soaked festivals.

Whatever your style, accessorize with just the right shades. Shop for the perfect look before you hit the road to avoid buying cheap sunglasses at a gas station or discount store.
From the classic cool of Wayfarer glasses to the futuristic-meets-Victorian appeal of steampunk sunglasses, step up your outdoor concert style this year with the best sunglasses for festivals.

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