Quavo Bubblegum Sunglasses - B U B B L E G U M (Official Music Video) Review

Quavo Bubblegum Sunglasses

Quavo Hauncho released the music video for his hit single Bubblegum today featuring a post-apocalyptic world where Quavo enters the Virtual Reality World, filled with beautiful women, gold, diamonds and of course sunglasses!

quavo hauncho sunlgasses

With massive artists like the Migos being at the forefront of the fashion industry, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset have all created their own unique style blending high fashion with streetwear influences. 

Quavo Bubblegum Sunglasses

Uniquely styled sunglasses have quickly become a major key in setting the Migos' outfits apart from the crowd and Quavo's Bubblegum Music Video only reinforces that outlook. 

Migos quavo Bubblegum sunglasses

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