Why The Small Sunglasses Trend is Taking Over

Looking for an easy way to add a little high-end style to your wardrobe? The small sunglasses trend is taking over in a huge way. Famous trendsetters opt-in for its cutting-edge design and eye-catching look -- and spend a whole lot to get it. The good news is you don't need to spend four or even three digits to make the latest eyewear style your own.

The Monte Carlo's

90s Small Sunglasses for All

Affordable versions of 90s small sunglasses make the trend totally accessible. You can get the same Instagrammable style as Bella Hadid and Zoe Kravitz without paying a fortune. Whether you opt for small oval sunglasses or tiny shades in another shape, Shades on Party makes it easy to get in on the small sunglasses trend -- even if you're not a celebrity or influencer.

Why Are 90s Small Sunglasses so Popular?

Being in the spotlight is a given for A-listers and supermodels, but social media makes even us non-celebs a lot more visible. If you want to get noticed, whether online or IRL, small rectangle sunglasses, tiny round shades or Lolita glasses will do the trick. 90s small sunglasses are all about being seen, not hiding out. And with crop tops, chokers, overalls, platform sneakers, slip dresses and other retro trends still on everyone's radar, it's no surprise that one of the hottest 90s accessories is going strong again.

More Reasons to Love the Small Sunglasses Trend

Even if you're in super-casual mode, a pair of small rectangle sunglasses makes you look instantly polished. Or if you want a rounded look, small oval sunglasses look intentional -- even if you just rolled out of bed. Their striking size and shapes are dramatic enough to get second looks, whether they're in full-on eye-protecting mode or perched on the bridge of your nose a la Bella Hadid.

No matter how laid-back your look, inject a little glam on even the laziest days. And if you have a small or narrow face, these shades make a great alternative to oversized styles. Small cat eye sunglasses -- or tiny shades in any frame shape -- help prevent your face from getting overshadowed by oversized frames.

From the small cat eye sunglasses modeled after Lolita shades to the Matrix-esque designs seen on Rihanna and Zayn Malik, there's a pair of 90s small sunglasses for every style, face and mood. Pick your favorite take on the trend with small rectangle sunglasses, round frames or whatever shape flatters your face.


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