5 Best Ways to Wear Sunglasses and a Mask

Best Ways to Wear Sunglasses and a Mask

Due to COVID-19, wearing a mask has become a new normal. People who were unwilling to wear them initially are now complementing this new fashion accessory with their shades. Though the lethal combination of a mask and a pair of sunglasses makes you look more appealing, it also brings forth a new challenge of wiping off your glasses over and over again. When you wear a mask, the hot breath escapes through its top, which hits the lenses of your sunglasses and results in fogging.

Since taking your glasses off to wipe them throughout the day is annoying, we have come up with the best ways to wear sunglasses and masks and prevent fogging.

Ways to Prevent Fogging While Wearing Glasses and a Mask

Wash the Lenses of your Glasses with Soapy Water

Before wearing a mask, wash the lenses of your glasses with soapy water to get rid of the excess moisture. Then, let your glasses air dry or wipe them off with a clean microfiber cloth, which comes free with your shades. Cleaning the lenses with soap will leave a thin film that reduces surface tension and prevents the fog from sticking to the lenses.

Make Sure the Face Mask Fits Perfectly

Unlike a loose-fitting mask, a close-fitting mask lets the exhaled air move toward the sides of the mask instead of your glasses. For a better fit, you should purchase masks having a moldable metal strip around the nose that will stop hot air from hitting your lenses.

If you like to make your own masks, create a seal around the nose by adding a moldable item like a pipe cleaner, twist tie, or paper clip to the top seam of the mask.

Pull Your Mask Up

Pulling your mask a bit higher on your nose and placing your glasses on the top of it will block the airflow and prevent the lenses from fogging up. Make sure your mask doesn’t uncover your mouth when you pull it up. This method is most effective with oversized sunglasses as they eliminate the need for adjusting the mask, thanks to their big frames.

Tape Your Mask

Placing a double-stick fabric tape between the bridge of your nose and the inside of your mask is a long-lasting approach to preventing the hot air from floating upwards. You are advised not to use adhesive tape because the oil on your skin won’t let it stick properly. 

You can also place the medical tape over the mask for the same purpose. In this scenario, all you have to do is cover equal parts of your mask and skin using the tape. To take things to the next level and cover some more space above your cheeks, use a longer piece of tape.

Try Commercial De-Fogging Products

If nothing seems to be working for you, try over-the-counter de-fogging products like sprays, wipes, and gels designed to combat foggy glasses. These products immediately disperse the minute fog droplets when you are wearing a mask. But before using them, make sure their ingredients don’t cause irritation and damage the protective coating on your lenses.

Final Words

These are some of the effective ways to stop your glasses from fogging up. If you are fashion-savvy, explore ShadesOnParty, where you can find a host of sunglasses available in various colors. You can pick the ones that you think will match your masks and outfits. It will take your fashion game to the next level and fit so perfectly on your face that the chances of fogging up will be fewer.


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