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The Year of 2 Chainz Sunglasses - It's A Vibe!

Why You Need to Wear 2 Chainz Sunglasses

2 Chainz Sunglasses are the perfect style shades that everyone can enjoy!

If you follow 2 Chainz on Instagram (@hairweavekiller)  you’ll know that he wears a pair of unique sunglasses with most outfits he puts together.

We went through his Instagram to find all of the different styles of frames and lenses that he wore throughout the last few months.

ShadesOnParty was able to put together a fantastic collection of vintage style 2 Chainz sunglasses for everyone to enjoy!

 2 Chainz Sunglasses

2018 Hip Hop Fashion

We love the style that this rapper enjoys! We put a collection together featuring glasses from It’s A Vibe ft. Ty Dolla $ign and 4 AM ft. Travis Scott!

Are you planning on seeing 2 Chainz perform at any show or festival this year? Well, make sure to check out a some of these wonderful hip hop sunglasses.

The other 2018 hip hop all-stars like Migos, and Wiz Khalifa are all fans of these similar styles of sunglasses.

2 Chainz Sunglasses & Quavo Sunglasses

In every new music video released every one of these stars can be seen wearing a pair of these shades!

Vintage sunglasses are one of the top popular trends for the 2018 music festival season. People love to dress up for Coachella, Ultra, and EDC every year!

What better addition than a pair of gold, round sunglasses with a retro style frame guaranteed to make you the stand out from any crowd. 

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